I'm endlessly fascinated in witnessing this sibling relationship develop. My wake up call was when Grier was a few weeks old and Greig and I took Brodie to the park on his own thinking he was craving some time as an 'only' once more. He spent the whole time asking for Grier and I realised then that even after a few weeks Brodie couldn't remember being the only child in this family and certainly wasn't pining for those days.Not to say it's all plain sailing. There are times when there isn't enough Mum to go around and when I wish I could just pause one child and focus on the other. Nothing compares to seeing how excited Grier is when Brodie comes into view, her excited chatter when she's telling him something very important or watching Brodie cuddle her gently when she cries to provide the kind of comfort only a brother can. Their collective giggles would surely melt a heart of stone. Brodie tries hard to manage his conflicting feelings when Grier comes to play with his beloved trains. He tells her all about the game and encourages her to do what he's doing, but it must be hard when she's more intent on taking apart the track bit by bit. I'm inclined to let them resolve their differences on their own even now when Grier is so tiny because practising those skills at home with someone who will always love you is valuable I think. I'm a fascinated observer, waiting, watching and learning.