A crafty state of mind

I had a few hours to myself so I had my nails done, indulged in a facial and read the new Vanity Fair cover to cover......just kidding I tidied my craft room! For several months the state of my craft room - which is actually a large cupboard - has played on my mind. For quite a while I've been opening the door to fetch things or put them away and purposely not looking closely at the work that needed to be done. All the lovely things I have which I was not using because I couldn't find them. The space which I'm very lucky to have, not being used as it should. At the weekend I made a plan. After trying unsuccessfully to sort it out while the children were around or sleeping I asked Greig if he could take the kids out for a few hours today so could get it sorted properly. Children and husband dispatched to visit the farm I set to work. I found lovely things I had forgotten about. Like the beautiful Anthroplogie ephemera Louisa brought all the way from New York for me. Like wool just begging to be knotted into toasty winter things and all those Pritt Sticks Morag bought me - genius present. No really - if you know a crafter buy us glue, we love it. A weight lifted from my shoulders. Everything in a place and accessible. I also found 3 yellow ink cartridges which I knew were in there somewhere but couldn't find which lead to my ever generous and patient in laws supplying an emergency replacement during the last round of wedding invitations I made. It's still packed to the gunnels, but I'm actually excited to sit at my desk and make cards or make anything really.

Though what in the world am I going to do with these ribbons? Sort them by colour? I have no clue. Oh and if I ever tell you I need to buy envelopes you have permission to oops upside the head me. I have about 8 billion.