Keep Up

I'm so behind with the blogging, I'm going to have to write a really quick catch up. Are you ready? Remember when Brodie had the stomach bug? Well two days after that I got tonsilitis (again) and Grier got hand, foot and mouth - not the same as the livestock thing - but the no fun for anyone toddler variety. Took Grier to doctor who prescribed nothing for Grier and prescribed penicillin for me. You know when you go to the doctor and they ask you if you are allergic to penicillin? Well apparently I should have answered yes to that question as later on that evening I made my way to A and E to get antihistamines and steroids to counteract the allergic reaction I had to said penicillin. I did get some very effective pain medication though so that's good. We went on holiday. See? It was an unexpected trip and much fun was had. Brodie tried oysters at Loch Fyne. I took lots of pain medication. Grier got a bit better then a bit worse, then a new tooth!

We came home and there was no heating or hot water. We bought the children fleecy, footed pyjamas. Boiler fixed. Tried to get home into some semblance of order - with thanks to the washing and ironing fairy. Dried some paintings on the washing line to take to work tomorrow - don't ask.

Did I miss anything?

I feel without Greig this week I might actually have expired. Dramatic? Perhaps, but still helps to remind me that the only way I get things done is with a little (lots of) help. Thank goodness for help. And caramel waffles.