This is why I wished for 2

Grier has sore ears. Tonight she was miserable and hot and only wanted to cuddle on my knee. Brodie was so good. He ate his tea, collected his own yogurt and spoon for pudding and then got a nectarine out of the fruit bowl. He asked me to put Igglepiggle on for Grier because it's her favourite and as he passed he stopped beside us. Without a word he took a bite of nectarine and gently put it into Grier's mouth.The eternal spring of mama tears stung my eyes as I cuddled them both. Do you remember when I worried about Brodie feeling pushed out by a new baby? How I worried that my heart had no room for another? Only an adult would worry about such things. A child's love knows no bounds. There are no limits and no conditions. This is why I always wished for a sibling for Brodie. A playmate of course, a partner in crime probably. A sometimes adversary maybe? Someone to share their nectarine when you are poorly. Brothers and sisters are blessings we should count close to our hearts.