Model behaviour

I knitted Brodie a cardigan. He likes wearing it but doesn't like posing for photos in it. Hence the view of his rear end while I try to get a decent shot. Sigh.

I'd like to say they get better, but.....

And those buttons. Dear goodness those buttons. I let Brodie choose them because let's face it the boy had no interest in a nice sensible navy cardi. He wanted pink or purple and I felt a bit bad about crushing his inner pink loving spirit so I let him pick these. They are far too big for the button holes and keep falling off. Lesson learned - next time just go with pink wool and appropriate buttons chosen by Moi.

The pattern was easy to follow which was good. I made a sudden realisation that I'm actually a very novice knitter and I was tying myself in knots literally with tricky patterns so I decided to go back to basics. I made the age 2-3 size which I know seems ridiculous for a 3.5 year old but it fits pretty well and I think the next size - 4-5 would have fitted Brodie in about 2017. The width is fine but I feel it's a little short maybe? I used a Debbie Bliss yarn the name of which escapes me and I'm far to lazy to walk 12 feet to the craft room to check the label so you'll just have to take my word for it that it's lovely. Ditto the pattern book is more than a metre from my hand so I can't share the deets with you. I will update Ravelry when I'm less lazy if you're interested.