Having kids does something weird to your sense of time. Everyone says time flies when your children are young and I would whole heartedly agree. I mean one day I brought home a teeny 7lb baby home from the hospital and now he's a 35lb walking, talking, opinionated, free thinking, creative, actual boy. And it all happened so quickly.Some days though the clock actually seems to go backwards. Like time goes the wrong way. And often when I don't think I can take another round of hide and seek, I wish I could wish away half an hour and be closer to bedtime. On those days after Brodie and Grier have gone to bed and I look back over my less than stellar motherly actions I feel bad for the way I've reacted but I feel truly awful for wishing that time away. Because while time seems endless just now and the days we have together stretch on and on I know it will be over all too soon. Soon Brodie and Grier will have other things to do, not just stay at home with me. And we will be off doing our own things in our own spaces. I'm trying not to be sad about that, to embrace it as another stage and look forward to the next.