Wedding Season

Most people imagine wedding season is spring/summer time but I beg to differ. Our loved ones have embraced autumn/winter weddings. I love a good wedding no matter the season but actually I think darker evenings and being cosied up inside add to the whole experience. Yesterday Tony and Jade got married in a very personal ceremony where the celebrant used a stapler to make his point - Jade worked in a stationery shop when she me him - the celebrant not Tony. We had a great day and the kids did really well with the lulls which always happen in a wedding. They did brilliantly during the meal and Brodie enjoyed racing around with balloons on the dance floor for what seemed like hours. It was lovely to be part of the day and we appreciated all the little touches they included.


Greig's iPhone kept Brodie busy and a constant stream of biscotti kept Grier fairly co-operative during the ceremony. I think we're reading for the next wedding now!