December Daily 2012

I've made a december daily album which documents both everyday life and special Christmas happenings for 3 years now. I've learned a bit about what works for me in that time. First of all the more prepared you can be before the 1st of December the easier the project will be. Don't make your album too small, you'll only get frustrated trying to fit things in. I imagine a similar problem of trying to fill a 'too big' album.We have a photo printer at home which I used the first year I did an album but looking back the photos are not good quality and I imagine the passing of time is only going to make that worse. Instead I have them printed and stick them in after the album is finished. I do however make a concerted effort to choose, edit and label the photo or photos I want to use each day so that I only have to stick them in when I get them. I complete journalling each day and add embellishments as I go along. As soon as Christmas is over I'm always completely over the whole thing - until I get it out the next year then I'm delighted with myself:)- so making sure it's nearly complete on boxing day saves me grumbling when the photos arrive. Of course the albums are full of photos of Brodie and Grier but I also try to include everyday things about our lives just now. I could never keep up with full-time scrapbooking but I can manage this for a month and they are such special keepsakes for a sentimental fool like me.

I toyed with using an album I had already but I fell in love with this one in teal. It's a binder which means I don't have to think ahead and can add or move things as I please. Plus I love the Kraft finish. I also bought this paper from Echo Park. I got them both from here. I debated using stuff I already had but these two purchases have simplified the whole process which is key to keeping up with a DD.

daily binderdaily paper

If you fancy making one, go for it. You won't regret it. If you need some inspiration check out Ali Edwards, the original and the best December Dailier, and there are galleries on flickr to give you ideas.