So winter vomiting bugs are alive and well in Casa Cameron 2012. I was ill at the weekend and Brodie spent much of today with his head in a basin. He was spectacularly brave and strong and stoic and amazing. The best three-year old in the world no doubt. I hope so much he's over the worst and bounces back tomorrow.Also what do you need when the boy is being sick and the girl is trying to investigate the sick? Why you need the doorbell to ring of course. And you need that caller to be a man talking about free loft insulation whom you invite in only so that he will stop talking and go and poke about the loft. Only so that you can comfort the sick child and stop the littlest little trying to climb the loft ladder. Only for him to bemoan the state of the loft insulation and tell you repeatedly it's one of the worst he's seen, blah, blah, blah. To be fair he was a very nice man and there might be free loft insulation in this for us which means lower bills and more eco warrior points surely? But puke you know, it waits for no loft insulation man. I could share with you pics of a poorly boy, but your heart will hurt and he will kill me when he's 18. So you get these instead.

cot 1

cot 3

cot 2 And Grier might kill me for not wiping her nose before I took them.