Brodie is nearly four. And lately I've really noticed what a big boy he is. Before his sister was born everyone told me that he would seem huge when the baby came but that was not my experience. The baby seemed impossibly tiny but Brodie just seemed the same - two and a half and relishing the role of big brother more completely than we imagined he would.But lately he just seems so brave and worldy and fully formed person-like. When Grier is after an out of reach item he carefully considers whether the item is baby friendly. If so, he hands it over. If not he calmly explains to her she cannot have it, usually while she rages. I'd like to say I've modelled this wonderful behaviour but I think a more likely explanation is Brodie's personality - completely unruffleable - like Greig. He's pragmatic at meal times when he knows that he as to try new foods before moving on to something else. He helps me out all the time and is polite and well-mannered - as much as you can be at 3.75. Yesterday when he was not well he didn't panic or even really complain. We're reading The Iron Man in a loop because he found a copy Greig put in his room as a baby and listens to chapters at a time absorbing the words and questioning and imagining. I am completely enamoured with you Brodie. You are fascinating and your unique view of the world is the most precious thing I've ever experienced. I have no idea why this was important to say today - perhaps because I feel vulnerable because you were unwell. You never, ever have to be anything except you. You will always be enough.