I love stollen. I love Christmas cake too but I probably love stollen more so instead of making a Christmas cake this year I thought I would give it a go. Also Brodie and Grier loved the shop bought stuff I got last week so I was confident they would like a homemade version too.I used this recipe and it was really good. I slightly underbaked the loaf so there was a teeny tiny bit which was underdone in the middle so next time I would up the baking time. I only chilled the dough for about 6 hours instead of overnight and I have no idea if this affected the bake or not. The only disclaimer I would make is that this thing is huge. You can probably see it from space. Really. stollen If I make it again I will halve the recipe unless I'm making it for 5000, then I should probably be good. It passes the Brodie and Grier test so I think I'll make it a December tradition from now on. Next up Brodie and I made Christmas biscuits from the Nigella Christmas book. He would only allow me to make 4 for the tree - the rest were for small boy and his sister consumption - but we dropped one so we're down to three decorations. The rest we decorated with pink icing because icing doesn't exist in this house unless it's pink, and some left over candy citrus fruits and silver sugar balls. How festive. The biscuits are good and the boy is happy, what's not to like? biscuits