Festive Treats

festive foodMaking edible gifts at Christmas has become a bit of a tradition for me. There's something about sending a yummy treat from my house to yours that encapsulates the spirit of Christmas. With Pinterest, there's an endless supply of festive foodie ideas to try. I like making these but try not to be overambitious or attempt too much as there's a fine line between keeping busy and feeling completely overwhelmed at this time of year. Here's what I made in case you fancy having a go marshmallow snowman I tied these onto the kids presents - just marshmallows on (blunt) skewers, dipped in white chocolate and decorated by Brodie. I added details with dark chocolate and a cocktail stick.

peppermint truffles

These are peppermint truffles, basically just chocolate truffles rolled in smashed candy canes. If you are a fan of the chocolate peppermint combo you should like these.

gingerbread truffles

These are gingerbread truffles. I could have eaten all of these myself but luckily I made a ton so I was able to gift a lot and eat a lot. Yum. I used this as a guide, although I used a Nigella gingerbread cake recipe and my chocolate drizzling was pretty terrible on the top.

I also made up a few cookie mix jars. I got the jars at Ikea and made labels detailing the instructions on how to bake. A circle of festive fabric cut with pinking shears and tied on top along with a scrapbooking sticker made them look pretty. This was probably the easiest way to make a festive foodie gift and the recipient can hang onto it for a while before they bake.

cookies jar

I made some Nigella recipe Chilli Jam which worked out well too and is really good in sandwiches and with cheese. It was simple to make but take a tip from someone who's been there - wear gloves when you chop the chillies.....