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If you're visiting for the first time in 2013, I'm considering you an interwebz first footer - Happy New Year!Our Hogmanay was brand new and familiar all at once. We did what we always do and it was pretty near prefect. During the day we just played and watched a DVD and I had time in the kitchen to make exactly what I wanted to, using near every dish in the house which is how it should be. The last day of the year should be a heady mix of everyday and exciting, ordinary and indulgent, comfort in past routines and excitement for what lies ahead. hogmanay 1

hogmanay 2

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I am so spoiled that someone else cooks Christmas and New Years dinner for us that on Hogmanay I really enjoy cooking. I get to choose things I think we (I) will enjoy and I'm not under any pressure for it to turn out. Lucky, Lucky. Also this year I had an awesome sous chef/baby entertainer who whipped up New Years Breakfast while I finished the Hogmanay feast prep. hogmanay 5

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I made little nibbles to start, halloumi and sun-dried tomato, brie and cranberry mini croque monsieurs, tomato, mozzarella and basil, roast beef and horseradish open sandwiches and a touch of balsamic and olive oil for dipping. Was nice to share with a pomegranate cocktail in hand. For main course we had a venison wellington with potato galettes and roasted roots. Pudding involved raspberry cranachan, nougat and praline. It should have been accompanied by a forest fruits jelly, but it's still languishing sloshily in the fridge after refusing to set. Annoying but not evening ruining. There was a spot of board gaming, some dancing but quite a lot of sofa loafing with full tummies. hogmanay 9

Then on the first morning of the New Year Brodie and Grier were treated to cuddles and snuggles and books and games.

Later with Granny and Granda and family we ate more and played more. hogmanay 10

hogmanay 11

I cannot wait for this year to unfold. Good and Bad and all the other bits in between.