Warm hands, warm heart

Handwarmers. Greig doesn't see the point. I most definitely do and I think the make marvellous sister-in-law pressies. One pair in a fine gauge and one in chunky. I added handmade (not by me) buttons to the pink pair. Well they are shocking pink - why not go the whole hog? And the owls got sparkly eyes because well why the neck not?These were knitted in the round which was a new experience for me but as someone who's terrible at sewing up knitted projects I found it awesome.

handwarmer 4

handwarmers 1

handwarmers 2

handwarmers 3

The pattern for the owl handwarmers was from Mollie Makes Magazine issue 21 and the pink pair were made with a pattern from this book which is the book I use to answer nearly all knitting questions. If you fancy learning to knit I would highly recommend.