December Daily complete

The 2012 album is complete. I wrote about my supplies here and am really pleased with how they worked to make this a pretty straightforward project. I love looking back over the previous years albums and I'm strongly attached to the motto 'Good enough is good enough' so I'm happy to call it done.There was a time when I would have spent longer embellishing pages and adding bits and pieces and in the last page of the album I stuffed in all the bits and bobs I wanted to save like gift tags and cards. Stuffed is the right word and is very easy with all the handy pockets in the 6x8 page protectors. album 1

album 2

album 3

album 4

album 5

I loved that I could save our spoons from our ice cream treat, they match my colour scheme perfectly no?

album 6

This is the way forward for scrapbooking I'm sure. So easy when things are coordinated and there are ready make pockets to hold photographs. Have I tempted anyone else to join in next year? What do you mean it's too early to think about Christmas 2013 - only 347 days people.