What Brodie Said Part 5

I'm thinking of taping an umberella to Brodie's head. Why? Because he's continually under the weather. This particular week he is battling with ear wax, infected eczema and a sniffle. Can a little dude get a break yo? However he's said some frankly hilarious things recently.

-Grier, I like your dress, you look like the queen.

- Mmm, I love brumbleberries (or brambles as you may know them)

-Everyone's brain is made of jelly (Thanks Uncle Douglas for that encyclopedia)

Said after he got both his legs stuck in one trouser leg while getting himself dressed - You see Mum, the problem is it's very dark in my trousers so my feet can't see where they are going.

Said to the Doctor we visited about the eczema problem - She thinks I can't scratch when she puts a snuggly suit on me - but I can - those buttons are easy

And my favourite this time - Can I just get a minute's peace please?