Bean Bag Girl

Remember Brodie's beanbag? Well that bad boy didn't really have enough room for two. See? beanbag 4

Don't let this angelic pose fool you, it's normally proper slam down wrestling when it comes to who gets to sit on the bean bag. So it was time to make Grier one of her own. I got this material because Grier likes sheep and I thought it would be funny to hear her saying 'Bah' repeatedly. I'm wondering if a white background might be folly when I know what abuse beanbag seats take but time will tell.

beanbag 2

It's the same pattern as before. The zip is slightly wonky because I can't find my zip foot but I don't want to buy another one in case the original suddenly turns up. So I unveiled it on Sunday night to absolutely - nothing. Grier was completely uninterested. This morning though Brodie had a great idea. Put two beanbags on top of each other, declare it beanbag mountain and push your sister off it. Genuis idea.

beanbag 3

A little while later though, this is what I found.

beanbag 1

Also do you love Grier's pyjama, bedhead, furry boot look? It's my fave.