The Tinternet

When Greig went to uni in 1997 every evening, when I got home from school the first thing I did was fire up my Dad's dial-up modem so I could check if I had an email from him. I could start it then go away make my tea have a bath and do my homework before it was actually connected to the internet but it was an amazing window into what the internet would become.When Brodie was born I found a wealth of information online. I was a brand new mum struggling with breastfeeding and YouTube videos helped me find a way to make it work for us. I found advice which helped me feel confident in my decisions to use cloth nappies and to follow baby led weaning. When colic threatened to erase my sense of humour permanently the internet helped. No it didn't pace the floor with my screaming child but it did help me feel I wasn't alone and provided me with some escapism when the baby, exhausted, was passed out on my shoulder and I could browse with one hand clicking very qu - i -et- ly. I started blogging in 2011 and I wasn't sure why I wanted to do it, I just felt I should and I enjoyed it so I kept going. I now have a record of lots of moments big and small which make up the tapestry of our family life. I have a record of the many, many craft projects good and bad that I've undertaken. But I think the most important thing I've experienced is the chance to do something beyond my 'normal' daily life. Caring for young children is a wonderful experience. It just is. Being at home with Brodie and Grier is messy, busy, chaotic, sweet, funny and tender. It can also be really, really boring. Children like routine and sometimes that routine makes me want to bang my head on the table. Children like to continually test boundaries. I'm a great believer in consistency and sticking to my guns but that means saying 'no' over and over again in a day. I want my kids to eat vegetables so most days I'm engaged in creating food to entice them alongside maintaining the boundaries we've created during mealtimes. I take this being primary caregiver stuff seriously, I work hard at it but sometimes I just want to do something else instead. I don't think I read anything in the small print of the motherhood contract which stated you must love every minute you spend nose and bum wiping and must never wish for another life even for a split second. Let's be honest nobody loves every second of their job do they? So I come here and show of what I've knitted/sewn/baked. I chat about whatever takes my fancy. I show you pictures of the most beautiful children ever (fact). The internet gives me a chance to feel like a person beyond my mummy skillz. Recently the stats on my blog have shown my readership growing. I know aunties read this - those related by blood and those connected to us in heart and spirit. Grandparents read the blog and Elizabeth from work, she's very loyal:) I'm not saving lives or spending my days down the pit. I'm just here doing my thing, blogging as I go and I'm grateful to you for being part of my little bit of the internet. Readers who are friends I've yet to meet, take a seat, leave me a comment, say hi. I'm so happy you came over.