Baked Apple Cider Donut Holes

donut 2Oh Geez. If only I could explain to you how good these smell there would be nothing could stop you getting up right now and baking a batch. They smell like Heaven. I'm quite sure this is exactly what Heaven smells like. I'm guilty of browsing recipes on the internet and then never actually following through. I collect and hoard (read - pin) them for the never day that never comes. For some reason though I felt the itch to make these. And now I know why. Here is the recipe. It calls for apple butter so I looked that up. It takes about 20 steps I didn't have time for so I just made apple sauce and called it done. As a bonus I have a big bowl of mushed apple in the fridge which Grier loves so I'm top Mum x 2 because she hasn't even tried a donut hole yet. I tried just rolling them in the sugar and cinnamon as the last step but I had to relent and brush with butter first because it just didn't stick. I imagine icing sugar probably would but what's the point of a donut if you don't have sugar on your lips after you eat it? Brodie helped with all stages so I can confirm that this recipe works with rough amounts due to very independent preschool tester who would not allow help when measuring cups of sugar/flour/apple mush. He got quite into rolling the holes in the sugar but was not very tolerant of me holding up the production line by stopping to take photos. When baking they smell exactly like donuts (duh). Which will make your mouth water. And while these are not exactly health food they are not deep-fried. donut 1 Happy Valentine's, make these for the one you love, they will be delighted (especially if the one you love is me). Post donut hole concentration face. donut 3

Ps, if you've got a moment to spare one billion rising