This is probably the recipe I bake more than anything else. It's not fancy, but it is delicious and contains no tea.I had my camera ready to take a picture when it came out of the oven. My battery was flat though and by the time it was charged and ready to use this was all that was left. teabread We all eat it, I sometimes spread it with butter and sometimes Grier has hers with butter, licks it off and asks for more. It keeps so well (although ours usually doesn't last long enough to be 'kept') and always bakes perfectly.

If you bake it will you tell me how it turns out? Alongside a cup of tea, I'm not sure there's anything better.

350g dried fruit 75g demerara sugar 1 egg 175g flour

1. Fill a jug with 150ml boiling water, add fruit and stir. Leave for 30 mins or longer 2. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C, grease and line a 450g loaf tin 3. Stir sugar and fruit together in a large bowl, add egg 4. Sift in flour and stir until combined. 5. Pour into tin and level surface 6. Sprinkle top with 1tbs of sugar. 7. Bake for 50 mins, until a skewer inserted comes out clean. 8. Leave loaf in tin for 10 mins, turn out and try to resist until cool enough to eat.

You absolutely must soak the fruit before you bake - it's the key to a moist cake. Sometimes I just buy mixed fruit in a packet, just own brand nothing posh. sometimes I add some apricots or cranberries from the kids dried fruit stash and I'm particularly partial to a glace cherry. And don't miss sprinkling that tablespoon of sugar on the top at end, trust me that caramelised crunch on top makes all the difference. I don't always have demerara sugar on hand and I've used muscovado, golden caster and just plain caster sugar and all have been delicious. And don't tell anyone but I don't think I've ever sifted the flour for this cake and it always turns out just fine.