Grier at 18 months

Grier is 18 months old. Grier 4

1 week, 6 months, 1 year, 18 months

She has so much personality.

She is still very quiet around strangers, or people she likes to regard as strangers - you know close relative and friends she hasn't seen for more than a week. She gives dirty looks that stink. It makes me shudder to think about her teenage years when Greig and I are going to be the likely recipients for the stink eye.

She is the accessorising queen. She wears tape measures, Sellotape, Lego and anything else she finds.

Her word explosion continues, soon she will know all the construction vehicles one needs to know to partake in a conversation about foundations and superadobe (thank you Brodie).

She is like Brodie and not at all like Brodie. She is calmer yet wilder. She is affectionate and stridently independent. Jumping, climbing, dancing, spinning, squealing all favourites.

She loves to draw, and likes to organise toys, recycling boxes and cups.

Her hair is so curly it fills me with glee. Those curls might be the bane of her life one day - but I love them and the way they frame her face. Her eyelashes rest on her cheeks when she sleeps.

Whenever we say 'well done', or 'clever girl' she gives herself a big old clap.

She says 'Buhbye' and waves to anyone who puts their coat on

When we walk somewhere she holds my hand tightly and shouts 'hand, hand' so Brodie will take her other hand.

Grier 1

Grier 2

Grier 3

We'll always have your hand, and your back for that matter sister.