Here are a few clues that Grier is thinking 'getmyteareadywomanwhat'swrongwithyou?' First say 'tea' roughly 82 times.

Then bring a bib, helpfully saying 'bib' and don't stop until you're wearing it. bib Next pull out your chair. chair Then collect cups, one for me and one for Brodie. cups

cups 2

Bang on the fridge asking for milk.

Reach into the drawer I think contains cutlery - it doesn't, it contains miscellaneous junk, and put Sellotape and food bags on the table. Get distracted by Sellotape - ooooh a shiny bangle - then go back to saying 'tea' again and again and again....

Ah finally she gets it. At last! tea

And now I get one of these chocolate chip cookies she thinks I haven't noticed. Caaakkkke. I win.