Born Perfect

I was born perfect. The rest is just beliefs that I picked up…I don’t believe them anymore. I choose to believe that I am perfect and whole.” – Caron Goode I came across this quote recently whilst reading this article. I'm not sure I agree with much of the article but that quote resonated with me something fierce. My children came into this world as tiny, unblemished little dollops of perfection. Exactly as they were made literally inside me, completely untouched by the outside world. Like a pair of box fresh trainers. Kind of. And to me they are still that way. Maybe they always will be. I'm not delusional, contrary to popular opinion. They are little humans and as all humans do they're going to mess things up. Probably a lot if they're anything like the rest of us. But should those mess ups make them less or more? Less perfect or more? I've noticed in these last few years that children notice and emulate everything you do. The bits you wish they would tactfully ignore about your behaviour are the bits they mimic the most effectively. Lose your temper? Witness a near perfect reenactment by your four-year old within hours. Faux swear at inanimate objects? Your 18 month old will take that challenge and raise you a tantrum when the pram wheels go the wrong way. But accordingly be as patient, kind and fair as you can muster and you'll get that back too. So I think I'm going to try to let go of my lifetime burden of trying to be perfect. If I can let it all go, stop reliving every 'failure' I've ever lived through I'll be doing my kids a favour. A clean sheet.