The tumble dryer is not working. Hardly the end of the world right? The first world problem of a pampered woman at most?Huh, tell that to my husband. Whom I just hung up on because he didn't fix it right now. To be fair hanging up was probably the best option as the alternative was screechy swear words and no-one likes to hear that. Sigh. I'm exasperated with myself. There is damp washing everywhere. It's too cold to be outside during winter part 3, 2013 and inside there are undone jobs and washing everywhere.

Easter was good though. We painted the kitchen. Luckily for B and G we have friends who love them enough to paint eggs for an egg hunt and grandparents and aunties and uncles who not only shower them with love every day, provide chocolate and presents and chocolate even when their parents are too busy painting to plan cool easter things. The littles were in clover.

easter 9

easter 8

easter 7

easter 6

easter 5

easter 4

easter 3

easter 2

easter 1


I should probably phone and apologise but maybe a wee chocolate egg first will help.....