Little Seedlings

Getting your kids to grow stuff is good fun. That's why we do it. But also it helps develop a sense of environmental responsibility, an understanding of the natural world and also means you can make lots of mess. I also completely buy into the idea that growing their own encourages children to eat and try new kinds of fruit and veg. It doesn't make them enthusiastic about leafy greens overnight but it's a step in the right direction. A tomato (unwashed) straight from the greenhouse - a certain kind of heaven.I try to keep planting activities outside but you know I didn't fancy freezing my bahookey off yet again so we did it in the kitchen. And Grier summed it up when she said 'uh oh, dirty' as she stuffed Cheerio 984132 into her dainty little mouth. She was mostly a cheerleader rather than planter this year. Grier and I had eggs for lunch for about a week in order to collect eggshells to use as planters. You just carefully crack them so you're left with a little container and then wash them out and boil for a minute or two to get rid of any nasties. The best thing about using eggshells means that when it comes time to plant our seedlings out we can crush the shells slightly and then plan the whole thing without disturbing the roots. This means Brodie can do it all and hopefully some should survive to yield! Huzzah. We planted Lorax sunflowers, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, carrot, cauliflower, broccoli and spring onions. I'll also try to plant some from seed outside later this month, weather permitting. I gave the boy a container of compost and a teaspoon and I labelled the eggshells as we went so we can keep track of what's growing. There was a little bit of seed mixing up though so who knows what we'll get? seeds 1

seeds 2

seeds 3

A week or so of watering gets you this? Amazing.

seeds 4