Fancy hat

When I look at this photo I can kind of see where Grier gets her repertoire of 'looks' from. Ahem.(Credit for photo to David Cameron) hat While I can't claim to have made this hat, I did fancy it up a little for the wedding and add a touch of my own. Although I would love to make hats. Milliner might be one of my top 5 fantasy jobs after hollywood casting director, haberdashery tester, epidemiological geneticist and Eddie Redmayne's hair stylist - you know to make sure he always has good hair Greig. I knew when I bought my red dress that I fancied a pink hat, red and pink clash so good wouldn't you say? And secretly I've always wanted a hat with merry widow veiling so after a good online search I realised making my own was probably easy enough. I considered a fascinator but I was quite taken with images of vintage hats so a had it had to be. I searched again online for a felt hat and found one I loved on eBay. It cost me £20 which I think is a steal for a Filippo Catarzi hat (he's a big deal in the hat world - who knew?) and I was chuffed when it arrived. The colour is gorgeous, it's finished beautifully and it's a statement without being over the top. I am absolutely confident I will wear it again. I have no idea when, but I will and then I will provide you with evidence. It's worn with elastic - like a hairband which I was worried you might see in my short hair but no problems there. I ordered some red dotty veiling for pennies from a millinery supply store online and set to work attaching it to my hat leaving a little bit down at the front as a veil. I just went about randomly sewing it onto the underside of the hat, making sure it wasn't too tight and was reasonably even making almost like a little cage for the hat. About half way through doing this I realised my dress had come with a fabric bow brooch so I pinned that over the original grosgrain bow on that hat and congratulated myself on such a good idea. hat 2

hat 3

Here she is in her unaltered state. Sigh, if only more events in life necessitated the wearing of hats.

hat 4