What Brodie Said Part 6

Brodie has been saying a lot recently - nothing new there. But some of these are absolute crackers 'Mum, do you know any cheetahs?' 'No, why?' 'Because I'd like to have a race with one'.

'Mum, I'm hungry' 'Are you genuinely hungry Brodie, or are you just bored? 'Mmmmm' 5 minutes later 'Mum, I'm honestly january hungry'

'Who is that knitting for Mum?' 'It's for Auntie Louisa's baby' 'Luigi? I know him!'

I'm driving along the dual carriageway - 'Mum, what speed temperature is the car at?'

Greig has a Pac-man game on his phone that Brodie likes to play, but he calls Pac-man 'Pickidot' which is a way better name than Pac-man because he 'picks the dots' geddit? I hereby declare Pac-man should henceforth be known as Pickidot. He also has developed a taste for creme caramel but calls them carousels which is funny.

The best for last....

'Mum, you might be boss but I'm King of the Universe' king

The King of the Universe ready for bed.

And here is my totes stylish fashionista working a transeasonal look. Floral vest, double stuffed nappy, Hello Kitty sunhat and this seasons wellington boots. Avant garde no?