Milk Forest Gateau

First things first - did you hear? I'm a guest blogger with my DIY felt garland project over at the The Oliver's Madhouse for a day - read it HERE. I'm beyond excited, I've never guest blogged before and Jaime is such a nice person, so kind and just the sort of blogger you'd like to read all about so if you haven't checked out her work before what are you waiting for? Scoot over there and them come back because I have cake for you.........

Before I made this cake the only Black Forest Gateau I've ever eaten came frozen in a box covered with fake cream and decorated with cherries which never fully defrosted. 

This one was delicious though, light yet rich sponge smothered with whipped vanilla cream. I used tinned cherries which were fine. Fresh ones would certainly look very attractive perched on top but you've got to work with what you've got, right? 

I also omitted the kirsch to make it child friendly and covered with outside with grated milk chocolate to make it child friendly and Auntie Vikki and Auntie Kerry friendly because they don't like dark chocolate.  Boo.

Next time I'll soak it in liqueur and smother it in darkest flakes and eat it all myself. Just kidding.........