Shopping is a bit different when you've got kids isn't it? It's less relaxing more fly through the shops as quickly as possible chucking stuff into your trolley before someone is

a) hungry

b) needs a pee

c) knocks over a giant display causing immeasurable damage while other shoppers look on aghast in horror. 

Today we went on a covert picking up pre ordered Christmas presents from shops mission. We had all the boxes safely ensconced in the boot of the car and neither little one suspected a thing when Daddy fancied trying on a few pairs of sunglasses. 

Cue much trying on and general hilarity. Kids might make things more complicated but they make things so much more fun and give you amazing photo opportunities in the middle of your local TK Maxx. 

Greig got new sunglasses and I got these photos. Priceless

glasses 1.jpg
glasses 2.jpg
glasses 3.jpg
glasses 4.jpg

Brodie and Grier, I may have temporarily lost the art of shopping slowly, leisurely and just for fun but look at what I get to do instead. 


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