My toddler daughter trying to catch specks of dust. There is a point to this post, bear with me.

Who else would spend a good 10 minutes trying to catch specks of dust illuminated by a ray of sunshine other than an under 5? Who else would regard that as 'a good use of time'?

As grown ups we have mostly lost the art of dustcatching. We are busy being productive and efficient and 'getting things done'. We are busy, busy, busy.

Especially at this time of year when things need doing. So I'm going to suggest that this weekend you make some room in your life. Slow down, clear a head space, do something or nothing. Whatever, I'm not the boss here. Try and remember what it was like to go where the wind takes you, to follow the dust specks as they dance for you.

These photographs are also a timely reminder that Santa need not bring the latest all singing, all dancing, all flashing lights toys. He can bring quiet, well made, reassuringly sturdy toys which encourage open ended play. Or maybe some sunshine and fairy dust.

I linked to this article earlier in the week, it's a nice reminder that our kids need time and space and lots of lots of play, you might like it.





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