What Brodie said 9 - and Grier too

Grier says so many remarkable things everyday it's hard to narrow it down. I try to write a reminder on my blackboard so I'll remember them but so many slip through the net as our busy lives keep on keeping on. These are a few I made a point of noting down though - enjoy!

An absolutely massive, rip-roaring, ground shaking fart is emitted into the room

'Bless me' says Grier

'Why you so sad Mummy? Did you lose your elephant? Are you not feeling well? Have some medsin. You feel better soon'

In the bath Brodie sings all five verses of the song 'Five little ducks'  for Grier. He gets to the end when there are no ducks left and Mummy duck is all alone.

'Where Daddy Duck?' says Grier

'Mummy, my bread is like a see saw' rolls crust back and forward, back and forward 'See saw my bread is a daw'. Hilarious laughter...........

And what has Brodie been saying I hear you ask?

We spot birds migrating in a v formation 'Mummy those birds are making me a dot to dot'

Sniffs sister 'Grier you smell just like a great big marshmallow'

I take Brodie's misty goggles off after a particularly strenuous bath 'Phew that's better Mummy, I thought my eyes weren't working properly'

Me - 'Thank you for putting that toy away Brodie'

Brodie - 'No problem Mum, all in a days work'.

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