This Life

This has been a week of illness and poor parenting decisions, never a happy combo. There were lots of good bits too, just sometimes they are harder to see when you're under pressure. These are the good bits I don't want to forget.


this life 3.1.jpg

pudsey cakes, thanks elizabeth!

this life 3.2.jpg
this life 3.3.jpg
this life 3.4.jpg

B, G and I went to the cinema on sunday

this life 3.5.jpg

elmo headphones

this life 3.6.jpg

pudsey cake eating

this life 3.7.jpg

beauty on the nursery run

this life 3.9.jpg
this life 3.10.jpg

it was as cold as it looks

this life 3.11.jpg
this life 3.12.jpg

the audience at the nursery sing a long were rapt

this life 3.13.jpg

brodie and I had an afternoon of adventure together. it was magical