Buy, beg, borrow for November

It's still November (just) so here are some lovely bits for this month.

November 2013.jpg

1 Moomin Tea Black tea with rhubarb and strawberry flavours. Moomin Tea people. I'll just let that sink in for a while.

2 Skater Hoodie by Sofie Schnoor Brodie loves hoodies and they are great in colder weather but sometimes they can be a little um, teenage? This one has a cool look and mummy friendly design.

3.Hygge by Mint Velvet Batwing Tee Good t shirts are hard to find but this one looks like it would be a good addition. A tiny bit special and whole lot comfy. This is the new loungewear range by one of my favourite brands.

4Marrons Glace candle from Laduree I haven't actually sniffed this candle (the downside of internet window shopping) but I'm willing to be it will be quite delicious.

"A wonderfully wintery scent from Laduree which fills the room with the round, tasty and smooth sweetness of glazed chestnuts". Sound good?

5 Luxury Advent Calendar from Cocoa Boutique Salted Caramels and Champagne Snowballs? Oh go on then......