This was the first year Brodie had any inkling that 'Halloween' existed. Luckily he has aunties who are more than willing to dress up with him, go 'trickle treating' with him and generally make the whole thing a load of fun. And a bemused Grier came along too, of course. 

We trickle treated Granny and Granda and Great Granda who were on hand with sweeties and treats for their pumpkin buckets. Brodie wanted to be a ghost so I cunningly recycled white t shirts and old muslins for costumes. Spooky. 


halloween 1.jpg
halloween 2.jpg
halloween 3.jpg
halloween 4.jpg

yes, that photo is of these fools in their wedding attire

halloween 5.jpg

ghosts have special rays which can freeze Auntie Vikki/clowns

halloween 6.jpg
halloween 7.jpg
halloween 8.jpg