Advent Books

Since Brodie's first Christmas we've always had a basket of festive books in the living room. We started with books like 'That's Not My Reindeer' and over the years we've built up quite a collection. A couple of years ago I started wrapping up 24 books, one to be opened everyday through advent and it's turned into a tradition in itself.

I have all the books wrapped and ready to go in a new basket I bought in Sainsbury's recently. I've bought a few new ones this year and we've recieved a few as gifts but most are books Brodie has already read but that doesn't seem to matter. Rediscovering old favourites is all part of the fun. Last year Grier wasn't so interested but I can imagine this year she'll want in on the action and lots of our books have buttons or tabs to pull which are all toddler favourites.

This is an easy and exciting way to count down to Christmas, doing something you'd no doubt be doing every evening anway. I've numbered the books to give Brodie the extra challenge of finding the correct one each evening and also gives me a chance to make sure we don't have too much repetition and lets me save my favourite for Christmas Eve.

If you want to join in with advent books there's still time! We bought several of ours in the poundshop so it needn't be expensive and you could buy as you go or even wrap up library books, our library has a fabulous collection of festive favourites - we currently have 'Mog's Christmas' on loan.

We have advent chocolates as well, but books definitely last longer!


advent 1.jpg
advent 2.jpg
advent 3.jpg

This is a real favourite. It's fully illustrated - no words at all which means Brodie will make up the story as he goes along. It also belongs to Greig - a boyhood treasure and family heirloom.


advent 4.jpg
advent 5.jpg

Another classic:) Thanks Nana.

Any festive favourites I should look out for next year? Do you have any advent traditions? Tell me, sharing is caring you know ( I stole that from my lovely sister in law Jade, but she has a point)


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