Guilty Pleasures

A fellow blogger  Jocelyn at the Reading Residence recently posted a list of her 'guilty pleasures'. I really enjoyed reading her list although I had to point out that she shouldn't feel guilty at all - I have never claimed to be a taste maker or trend setter and as a result never feel bad about my 'bad taste' pleasures because life is too short! If you enjoy something, enjoy it, guilt is a wasted emotion (unless of course, it really is something quite awful then you should probably take that guilt on board and do something about your predeliction.........)

So in the spirit of sharing here are my best/worst five,


1 Boy bands

I have absolutely no problem admitting I love pop music. Specifically that made by and for children who are (just) young enough for me to have birthed them myself. If it's upbeat, has cheesy lyrics and a catchy tune, I'm all over it.  One Direction and Union J, I know all of your names and love all of your songs. I'm a 33 year old teeny bopper and show no signs of developing a taste for 'grown ups' music.

2 Magazines

I spend a lot of time at home. I spend a lot of evenings at home. I read a lot of magazines. I subscribe to a few such as Grazia, Vogue, Red and Vanity Fair. I also love a terrible celebrity rag even though I know it's bad for me. And I always feel a bit sick when I'm finished, like I've eaten too much. I want to know whose job it is to estimate how much celebrities weigh. I tell myself because I don't actually buy these magazines that I'm not letting womanhood down but I know that's not true. I will pounce on them in the dentists surgery to get my trashy fix...... 


Lip stuff

I have no need for (roughly) 47 lip products. I probably apply something to my lips about once a week if I'm lucky. I have a balm/gloss/stain in the pocket of every jacket and bag I own. But still I buy one every now and then thinking it will transform me into a beauty with it's magical sparkles. It doesn't.  

4. Children's clothes

I spend far, far more on clothes for my children than I do for myself (or husband). When I was growing up my parents manufactured and sold children's clothes and as a result I always had something nice to wear and a wardrobe full of special clothes. I know that the clothes I buy won't fit my kids for long but that doesn't deter me. It's almost like a separate part of my brain kicks in, set apart from the usual sensible, thrifty(ish), fiscally responsible self. I want my kids to have special clothes, different from what everyone else is wearing. Is this shallow? Probably. Do I care? Heck no.  

5. Christmas Movies 24

This one is seasonal and only applies in November and December but is still shocking in it's own way. Only in the last few years have I discovered this cable channel which does what it says on the tin. And you can trust that at any point on any given day in those months that I have full control of the tv remote - happens less than I'd like - I will flick onto this. The fact that I've seen lots of these made for tv movies already doesn't matter. There is nothing better than a cup of the hot stuff, a comfy sofa, maybe a spot of knitting/blogging and a Christmas movie - yes even in early November.  I can't get enough of the schmaltz and lights and improbable serendipitous story lines. Love it.

So there you have it. My soul is laid bare for you to see. If you're a blogger please join in with Jocelyn, if you are a reader leave me a comment, what's your guiltiest of pleasures?