So, um, what should I write?

So having already written and posted the cards I'll be writing this year I was casually scrolling through my twitter feed when I came across a furore surrounding the way to address married couples when addressing Christmas cards. And would you believe apparently I've been massively offending every one for years.

So this is an open apology to anyone who's recieved a card from me and has cursed my lack of feminist principles and my misguided Edwardian values.

Apparently writing this

Mr and Mrs G Cameron

is massively offensive and I'm in no way being disingenious when I say I had no idea.

When Greig and I got married I took his name. I did not consider myself to be surrendered by doing so. I did it because it seemed practical for us to have the same name for about a million little reasons I don't have the time of inclination to list. Why didn't we become the 'Goodlets' or the 'Cameron-Goodlets' or the 'Goomerons'?  Cameron is much easier to say/spell/get right first time than my maiden name. Although the novelty of being Mrs Cameron wore off very quickly - but that's being a primary school teacher for you.

 I didn't think that I was giving up any of my identity by changing the part of my name used least often. After all a rose is still a rose and this rose didn't 'give up' her name I merely swapped it for another one.

So I was kind of discombobulated when I discovered that being called 'Mr and Mrs Husbands inital and Surname' is such an issue for other people. Let's consider the alternatives. If you are married and kept your maiden name or hyphened it or double hyphened it or whatever then I'm happy for you but it still makes the process of my writing your Christmas card longer. If you are married and took your husbands/wifes name then I'm happy for you and if it really makes a difference then next year I'll write this

Mr G Cameron, Mrs C Cameron, Master B Cameron, Miss G Cameron, Harry the Horse, Big Kitty, Wee Kitty and Middle Kitty

and then go and have a lie down in a darkened room.

Let's get real here people. By addressing your kindly sent and thoughtfully made Christmas card in the 'traditional way' I'm not suggesting you should give up educating your daughters, forget the pay gap, give up on equality for all. I'm suggesting you have a Merry Bloody Christmas.