A Fishy Quilt

Christmas 2013. It was by far my most fun Christmas ever. A combination of perfectly aged kids and lots of family and friends and fun outings and realistic expectations.

Part of that last bit was not making too many handmade gifts and putting too much pressure on myself. I made a Christmas quilt and tree skirt which have been on my making wish list for a few years and it made me very happy to complete some things for my family (well mostly me) to enjoy. 

I did want to make a few handmade things for the kids though. I have no idea whether they will remember these things in years to come but it gave me great pleasure to make things just for them.

Brodie has been asking for a quilt of his own for some time and I've been on the lookout for the right fabric for a long time. It had to be 'sea creature' themed but most of what I could find was meant for a baby nursery or was a bit boh-ring and serious. 

I eventually found this on Spoonflower. (Psssssst, if you want to lose several hours of your life have a scroll through the Spoonflower website, it is amazing, but you have been warned....)The fabric itself was not massively expensive but I had to pay taxes when it came into the country which added a fair bit. It was worth it though as it was just what I wanted. It has a good range of creatures for Brodie to spot and had a modern design and colour palette to keep me happy.

I wanted to keep the main fabric as a solid area so I used this pin to inspire a plaid like design on the back. I picked up the cotton solids  for this and the binding at John Lewis. I impressed myself by buying exactly the right amount which I can assure you all was was a complete fluke. I used a double layer of batting for the first time and it gives the quilt a nice bounce.

Because the design was so simple it was easy to sew and didn't take long, which was just as well as I didn't have long to make it.

It's snuggly (see above), it's fishy and it was made just for him. I think he likes it.

I know it feels like Christmas was about 6 months ago - or is that just me? I'm hoping to post all the gifts I made over the next few weeks and then start on next years (just kidding, or am l?)