Secret Santa

This is a little something I made to send as a Secret Santa gift as part of the #craftblogclub gift exchange.

It was organised by the lovely Emma, you can read her blog here, and you should, she really is a good 'un.

I made this little guy for Fiona.

She makes lovely things and after a nosey about on her site I thought she might like a decoration made with lovely wool felt.



He was an easy make, I just traced an illustration to come up with a template and handstitched him with a little stuffing inside to make him soft. I really wanted him to be there in plenty of time as I didn't want Fiona thinking her Secret Santa had forgotten about her and I know he made it as she tweeted that he had arrived safely which was a lovely moment!



I received my own Secret Santa gift last week and I can honestly say it was one of my favourite ever Christmas moments.


santa 2.jpg
santa 3.jpg

Someone - I still don't know who, made me this paper cut. Someone who doesn't know me in real life only through the tinternet took the time to make me a very personal gift and packaged it beautifully. I am very touched, thank you Santa, I love handmade and I love this.