Here we go again...

I published my first ever blog post on New Years Day 2011. You can read it here, which you really should if just to see wee, tiny Brodie.

3 years worth of blogging and what have I learned? Lots as it turns out. But mostly I just have new questions to ponder.

I feel like lots of things have changed in those three years and there have been lots of changes in me. I have no idea if those changes are linked to the blog or not. Do I feel more at home in my own skin because of the ruminating I do here or would it have happened anyway? Do I spend more time making things because I blog about them or do I miss out on making time because I'm blogging?

Do the people I know well and not so well know more about me because of what they read here?

I am so glad that I have a pretty complete record of my (our) lives over the last three years. It's not clever or perfect or stylish but it is very real and very personal and precious.

If you ever wanted to write a blog please do it now. You won't regret it. You're unlikely to ever make money from it or garner fame or infamy but you will have a place to call your own and if you're lucky like me people might stop by and read your words and sometimes leave you a little note.

We are in full swing celebration preparations here now, hope whatever you're planning for Hogmanay is fabulous, be it low key or full on.

Enjoy, see you back here next year