This Life

Fact fans, it's ten years today since our engagement. Can you believe it? Ten years. Crazy.


this life 1.1.jpg

sometimes I forget the canal is yards from our house

this life 1.2.jpg
this life 1.3.jpg

i'm asking my dude santa to bring me a remote for my camera so i don't have to press the timer button and then run like a cray lady to be in the shot.  greig loves when i take self portraits in public by balancing my expensive camera on a ledge in krispy kreme while grier makes faces like this.

this life 1.4.jpg

note auntie kerry still has her jacket on but has already read 3 books.

this life 1.5.jpg

poor second child has to butter her own bagel

this life 1.6.jpg

grier is coming ikea

this life 1.7.jpg

pressies arriving often. added to the 'to be wrapped' pile

this life 1.8.jpg

marble run fun is back on the agenda