Thank you so much for coming over! How do you like the new digs? Pretty swish no?

It's taken me a long time to decide what to do next with the blog. I'm hoping we'll all be at home here in this new corner of the internet. Do you like the new name? I've agonised over a new name for so long. Naming a blog is harder than naming a child. I initally just used my own name because I'm seriously unoriginal or should that be egotistical? The thought of coming up with a witty name sent me into a tailspin. So I went with a tea themed name because tea, it's always the answer. Not always the solution, but always the answer.

I believe I've been successful in importing all the old blog stuff over here so that's nice.

Let me know what you think, go on, leave a wee comment. I'd love that. No really I would.