Blackboard Wall

After much thought (at least two days) I decided what we needed in the kitchen was a blackboard wall. I love blackboard paint, but I decided no more little projects, go big or go home. And since I was already at home I went with painting an actual wall. Not a huge wall to be fair but big enough to be fun to draw on. I bought B&Q's own brand of paint and it took two coats to give a lovely drawable surface.

I thought it might seem a bit gloomy especially as the kitchen can be dark but so far it's always been covered with lots of 'art' which brightens up the place immensely. It please kids and adults no end, and visitors are encouraged to leave us a message or drawing. My Dad left a portrait of Greig and I a month ago which is still there, I thought it would stress him out as it's a bit 'untidy' but it seems people can't help but express their creative side when given the chance.

Grier in particular draws on it a lot and Brodie drops in and out and I can see them using it as they get bigger to make backdrops and the like for games they want to play. If you fancy doing this, give it a go, it's great fun and might take a few coats to cover when you're ready to change it but why would you want to change it?

As yet we've had no incidence of anyone drawing on any other walls, which can't be wiped clean, but that should make for a good blog post.

blackboard wall 1.jpg
blackboard wall 2.jpg