When we moved into our house nearly three years ago (ahem) I decided on a bold plan to learn how to make roman blinds. Thank goodness Greig talked me into buying 'temporary' blinds for the kitchen which have temporarily hung in the kitchen for 3 years until I gathered the wherewithal to make some.

A few months ago I found this book in a charity shop about making blinds and curtains and was all fired up until I read the 567834 steps involved (rough approximation) and went for a lie down instead. I didn't want to give up though and found a simpler version online which if it worked according to plan would be fully functioning and somewhat attractive. 



And actually, it was pretty straightforward. The hardest part was the purchasing of massively long dowel rods from B & Q which have a teeny tiny bar code on them which has to be scanned into the self service machine. I just about had my own eye out with those and then the man who came to help the idiot who was individually scanning said dowel rods got a few sharp pokes as well.  

I hemmed and hawed over bright and vibrant patterns and then settled on a decidedly low key grey striped ticking fabric. What can I say? I love colour - in other people's houses, I just prefer things neutral at home. I bought my hardware at B & Q and the fabric and cording from Heaven - sorry I mean Rejects in Kirkcaldy (best place ever, absolutely worth a trip to Kirkcaldy for a visit). The cost of the bits and pieces was about £60, for two biggish blinds and lots of of leftover dowels to poke eyes out with - I overestimated.

I measured them to fit inside the window frame and they fit pretty well - if I were to make them again I would add on a quarter of an inch in width. I used a bed sheet to line them with which works fine but next time I make some I'll splash out on real lining fabric for a neater finish and weight. The dowel rods are glued onto the fabric which works well but is slightly squintish on one blind but I think I'm the only who's noticed really and next time I would feel confident enough to use the instructions in my book to sew in channels for the dowels rather than glue them on.  

And now for some truly awful photographs of my kitchen blinds. You're welcome friends. 


blinds 2.jpg
blinds 1.jpg