So today Grier and I were in the garden pottering about. She was mostly touching stuff she shouldn't - manky watering cans, manky water pooled in manky garden furniture, well just mank really. And I was weeding and lamenting that the only thing I've managed to grow this year is .........dandelions. She fell. Head over heels as only toddlers can do on unveven ground.

And in a heartbeat I had taken off my dirty gloves, scooped her up, checked all important body parts and finally, lastly, checked for any signs of facial damage. None, just a tiny scratch on her nose, mucky hands and wounded pride. As my heart rate returned to normal and her whimpers changed to little sighs, sighed against my shoulder, I breathed in the scent of her hair. The scent of child.

A cuddle restored her confidence and she was soon ready to go off exploring again. I wonder who needed that cuddle more. Because each time they need me I feel better too. Each time everything stops because they need comfort, it's like a reset. Aferwards we all feel better and ready to start again.

Dandelions, Brodie sees the beauty in them as only a 4 year old can, so I will enjoy them too. I will skiddle in dirty water and move piles of stones into a rusty bucket and enjoy the very todayness of today.