Facebook Fandango

Until a few weeks ago I think I was one of the few people in the first world who didn't have a facebook account. I didn't get caught up in the initial fervour (5-6? who knows,) years ago. And then people started telling me how they used to like it but now, not so much and I felt quite smug in my decision to avoid it. I really don't need anywhere else to hang out on the internet, I already feel like I'm trying to squeeze more and more value out of less time spent on this laptop.

But I keep reading that the best way to help a blog 'grow' is through social media. So I started a personal facebook page so I could start a blog fan page thinking I could delete the personal page later. But apparently my internet idiocy knows no bounds and I can't actually do that.

This whole saga is providing no end of entertainment for Greig - he actually described me as an anti social person being forced to use social media.

I have to keep the personal page to allow me to run the fan page but it's private and I'm not accepting friend requests. I apologise if you've already sent me one, I really do want to be your friend just not there:) Instead please ring me, tweet me, email me, heck just turn up and I'll make us tea.

This is a really long post to bascially ask you to do one thing. If you follow the blog please consider liking it on facebook (look there's a wee button down there, just clickety click it). And make this whole pain in the ass worthwhile. Thank you so much. Now I need a lie down.