What Brodie Said Part 7

I'm well aware, What Grier Said could be a regular feature too, but for now lets get these out of the way

Mum I'll be 5 on on my next birthday

No that's not possible, you'll just have to stay 4 forever and not grow anymore. 

Sorry Mum, that's just not how the life works


Is Grier sleeping Brodie? 

No. Yes. No. Well her eyes are smaller than usual. Yes. 


While watching Baroness Thatcher's funeral 

What's in the box? 

The body of Baroness Thatcher, she'll be buried after the funeral. 

Well that's a shame. They should keep the body and cut it up and see how the bits work.


In bed with a very sleepy Greig and I one early morning 

Excuse me Dad. An oarfish would be the same size as your whole bedroom



Dad, my prey is cheerios


Getting out of the bath 

Brrrr, I'm as cold as a furnace is hot. 


What's the soup Mum? 

Potato and Carrot mostly

OK, let's call it Parrot Soup. We're having Parrot Soup, We're having Parrot Soup (repeat) 


This will never get old, (for me at least)