Bandana Bibs Baby

Bandana bibs are cool and they work like a bib should baby. 


I pinned this tutorial from The Purl Bee a while ago and since then everyone I know had a baby girl so I thought I'd better make some. Maybe not everyone I know, but everyone having a baby had a girl. Weird.

Tutorial was great, using 2 layers of fabric makes is suitably absorbent for teething drool monsters (none of the babies I made these for are monsters.......yet) , and using two fabrics allows for mixing and matching.

I used sew on snaps but have since upgraded to the ones put in with a nifty tool and a hammer with great success. I will never sew a snap on again, hammering all the way now. 


And here is my model, Who um, yes is eating a crisp because I have to bribe her these days to pose for me. But I promise I made sure there was no crisp debris left on the bibs before I sent them to Millie and Mabel.