Liberty Card

You know I love me some Liberty. I haven't forgotten the Liberty Project, I have the next post ready to go as soon as I work out how to take photos of myself with my camera, of my camera. Confused? You will be.

Back to the Liberty, last month I came across this book and took the liberty of buying it for myself - see what I did there? I really like modern cross stitch, and it's fun to do, requiring less concentration than knitting for me and doesn't require me to lug sewing machines about. For Morag's birthday I wanted to make her a nice card - and she has made us so many beautiful cross stitched cards so it had to be good. I used one of the patterns from the book, stitched onto some leftover aida with leftover embroidery threads. I mounted it really simply onto a card with the rough edges of the aida showing. I love it when you can make something with things you already have on hand and love the end results without making any new purchases (aside from the book of course, but books don't count they're an investment).

cross stitch.jpg

I foresee myself making more of the projects from this book, for Grier's bedroom maybe?