Race for Life

I have a friend, Vivienne, who is wonderful. She is the very epitome of effervescent with a healthy dose of brutal realism thrown in when you really need it. She is exceptionally kind both materially and with her time, she makes everyone she speaks to feel interesting. Everytime I see or speak to her I feel a little spring in my step afterwards.

Her dad died earlier this year. And she's battling throught the resulting grief like a warrior, with poise and grace. Currently I feel like the friend equivalent of a chocolate teapot and every phone call I make ends with me in tears as I marvel at my friend's strength and spirit. 

When I was looking for a 10k race to run I came across the Race for Life run at Holyrood and signed up. A week later came the news of Kenneth passing away and it seemed like some huge, flashing, neon sign advertising my reason for picking this race. I'll run for my friend and her family this Father's Day

Here is the page where you can donate. Please, thank you